Presented by Portia Tung


Do you hope that one day all the office politics will be replaced by a common and worthwhile cause? Do you wish you could be part of a winning team? Do you dream of working in a place where you belong?

Every organisation is made up of tribes, naturally occurring groups of between 20 – 150 people. And even though each tribe is different they have one thing in common: organisational culture.

Join us to learn about Tribal Leadership, a practical model for leveraging natural groups to create organisations that thrive. Learn how you can help transform your work experience into what you want it to be by focusing on language and behaviour within a culture.

You’ll get the chance to identify the stage you and your tribe are in and the next stage you want to move towards. Working in pairs, triads and as a whole group, you’ll leave the session with a roadmap of your own to take your tribe towards “Innocent Wonderment”.

The Five Stages of Tribal Leadership

Stage 5 – Innocent Wonderment: “We’re great and so are they”
Stage 4 – Tribal Pride: “We’re great they’re not”
Stage 3 – Lone Warrior: “I’m great you’re not”
Stage 2 – Apathetic Victim: “My life sucks”
Stage 1 – Despairing Hostility: “Life sucks”

Format and length: 90 mins workshop

Intended audience and prerequisites:

Leaders, want-to-be leaders, managers, team members and anyone else who wants to help transform their tribe into one where they long to belong

Objective(s) of the session:

  • Learn about tribal dynamics through the Tribal Leadership model
  • Identify the current stage of you and your tribe
  • Come up with ways to move you and your tribe to the next stage

Benefits for participants and presenter(s):

  • Increased self-awareness and understanding of your workplace
  • Hands-on experience of applying the Tribal Leadership model to yourself and your organisation
  • A personalised Tribal Leadership roadmap to move your tribe towards “Innocent Wonderment”